Dave McCutcheon Art

Dave McCutcheon

I grew up with a passion for art and my dad was my first mentor. I entered many art competitions in my childhood through Brooklyn museum of New York City. I studied art at Wagner College and School of Visual Art of New York City, inspired from my mentors and famous animators of Don Duga, the artist for “Frosty of the Snowman”, and Marty Abrahams, the artist for "Sesame Street". 

Art is Fantasy. 

One of my series of paintings is called the "American Immigrant Trail". It tells people the history of immigration and the meaning of Liberty. Over the years, I have become able to visualize the history of immigration experience in United States of America and to portray immigrant experience in visual art.

This series of paintings tell the stories of New York and the people that made it great. The painting spans the years from 1848 to present. Some of the paintings, for example, are “Building Liberty showing the unique construction without the use of scaffolding and the original copper color of the Statue.  “Daytime At Five Points” shows the area around Mulberry in New York City, where many earlier immigrants settled struggling with poverty and crime. “The Fall of Saint Brigids” shows the Irish Famine Church founded in 1848, that was designed by architect Patrick Keely located in the corner of 8th street and avenue B in Manhattan. The painting was inspired by the efforts to save this historical landmark.

Painting is part of my life and it will always be.